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Becoming an Expert on Essential Oils

     The best way to become knowledgeable, and ultimately an expert regarding Essential Oils, is to begin with a select group of oils.  Within this chosen group, go slowly and study each oil’s unique smell, texture, history and every possible application.  Utilize this knowledge and apply the appropriate oil or oils (they can be layered on top of one another) as soon as any situation arises.  Nothing could be more important than using your oils because this is what will memorialize them in your mind.

·         Any oil can be applied directly to the skin.  Some oils such as Cinnamon. Oregano, Peppermint and Thieves are “hot” and should be diluted in a Carrier oil before applying.  Having the largest pores on the body, feet are a great candidate for application.   Whatever you massage into the feet will be throughout the entire body system in 20 minutes.  Essential Oils can be applied on the nape of the neck, behind the ears, rubbed on the temples and on direct areas of pain or discomfort.

·         Diluting Essential Oil’s with a quality vegetable oil is advised, especially first time users, children or small animals.  Some people prefer using oils neat (without dilution). 

·        Essential Oils are extremely beneficial when diffused into the air.  Everyone in the area of “diffusing” benefits from breathing these oils into their olfactory system, plus they purify any environment.

·         Many of the Essential Oils can be taken internally – they can be added to foods, teas, rubbed on the gums inside the cheek area of the mouth, used as a gargle, suppository or douche.

·        Essential oils are non-toxic and are derived from the same substances as those in the human body.  When applied in a responsible manner they are completely safe. The more you apply oils to your body the less you need them.

·         Essential Oils are user friendly – meaning they are easier to learn than homeopathy, much safer than prescription drugs, excellent in first-aid conditions and exceptional in emergency conditions.

The very best choice for “getting started” is THE ESSENTIAL 7 KIT.  This kit is popular for beginners because it addresses a broad spectrum of health related concerns – from first aid, through pain conditions – including mental depression.  It is the number one family collection and all the oils in this kit can be used frequently on a daily basis.  This one is a must!

For the serious minded a MUST Have book would be "The Essential Oil Desk Reference" available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or www.ThePowermall.com


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Last modified: 10/27/09