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The Essential Oil Desk Reference [EDR]

The most frequently asked question to the HeavenScent toll free number of 1-877-772-6321 is:  What is the most important book I can acquire to learn about Essential Oils?

Answer:  The name of the book is  the "Essential Oil Desk Reference"  [E.O.D.R.]
                compiled by Essential Science Publishing.

The FOURTH edition of the "Essential Oil Desk Reference" is now available at www.ThePowerMall.com
or by calling 1-877-817-9829.

Essential Oil Desk Reference
Third Edition 2004, 514 Pages, Hardback.

This is the definitive guide to using Essential Oils. This book details over 200 individual essential oils and blended oils by providing: Botanical Family, Plant Origins, Chemical Constituents, Action, Traditional Uses, Indications, Applications, and Safety data. It has an exception chapter as an “A through Z Ailment Guide” which takes the guess work out of deciding what is best for a particular ailment or health challenge.

There are nine different sections to the book with 22 chapters, some of which are:
*Essential Oils: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine
*How Do Essential Oils Work
*How to Safely Use Essential Oils
*Dietary Supplements With Essential Oils
*Massage oils
*Bath & Shower Gels
*Vita Flex Technique
*Raindrop Technique
*Auricular Technique
*Emotional Response and Essential Oils
*Health Issues
*Biofrequency and Disease
*Health Programs with Essential Oils and Supplements
*Veterinary Medicine

How to Use-The Personal Usage Reference
and Section 9 is References and Appendices

List Price: $39.95 + S&H  BY CALLING 1-877-817-9829


Essential Oils Pocket Reference also Compiled by Essential Science Publishing.

This is a more portable, compact version of the Essential Oils Desk Reference printed in a convenient, lay-flat, COIL BOUND, 6.5" x 5" format that fits neatly in your purse, pack or briefcase. This volume contains a selection of key chapters from the original Desk Reference, including chapters on Safety, Application, Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex, Emotional Response, the all-important Personal Usage Section (with essential oil and supplement suggestions for over 320 different types of injuries and illnesses) and detailed look-up charts on Young Living Essential Oil products, single essential oils and essential oil blends.

Contains 9 Chapters and Appendices.

The Chapters are:
*Essential Oils: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine
*How Do Essential Oils Work
*How to Safely Use Essential Oils
*Vita Flex Technique
*Raindrop Technique
*Lymphatic Pump
*Auricular Technique
*Emotional Response and Essential Oils
*How to Use-The Personal Usage Reference
*Appendix A: Body Systems Chart
*Appendix B: Single Oil Data
*Appendix C: Oil Blends Data

Note: The "Essential Oil Pocket Reference" is mainly “The Ailment Guide” section of the large Essential Oil Desk Reference, basically being sold separately

List Price: $14.95 + S&H  BY CALLING 1-877-817-9829

Essential oil's many uses are easy to learn and there are many tools available to help you
 - - - to help yourself!




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