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Home Oil Parties How To Do It

By Jan Weger

Follow-up and follow your plan!
For those of you who have NOT developed a marketing strategy yet, consider starting with one of our very successful proven Home Oil Gatherings. Many of our team members have already booked 1-2 gatherings for the month of October. I suggest you get out your calendar, today, and book your dates from now until Christmas right away.
 Here are a few tips to make your gatherings a huge success.
1. Send out invitations 2-3 weeks in advance. Invite them to an evening of "Relaxation", where they will get pampered. (I ask people to bring a large pan for hot water to soak their feet in and a towel. If you prefer to provide it that's fine)
 2. Call everyone who you sent an invitation to and tell them to look for their invitation! If they have not already RSVP'd within a week, call them back and confirm that they will be joining you. (Emphasize that space is limited, so that if for any reason they must cancel, to be sure and call you!)
 3. Make a list of all of your favorite Young Living Products that you are the most comfortable talking about and have the most knowledge about. (Products that you cannot live without!) If you are out of any of them, get them ordered. Also, have the following on hand. Orange Blossem Facial Wash, Mint Facial Scrub, your Essential 7 Kit, and your favorite hand and body lotion. (These will be used on their feet, but you will explain that they are for your face also.) Order your favorite brochures from the company and enough of the $2.00 Intro To YLEO booklets for each person attending. (I always offer them as a FREE gift for all orders of $50 or more.)I offer extra FREE GIFTS for larger orders. Americans LOVE free gifts!
 4. Before the people ever come, I have in my mind the products I am going to sell them and the dollar amount I am going to sell. (If you are someone on a tight budget, do NOT assume that your guests are! Always remember that women spend $50 on just one jar of face cream in the department store.) I create a beautiful basket for the coffee table with all of my favorite products in it. Example: Essential 7 Kit, Berry Young Juice, Body Balance Trio, CortiStop for Women, Relaxation Massage Oil, the New 4 ounce V-6 mixing oil, Valor, Frankincense, Lemon Shampoo, Children's Chewables, etc. You can also create your own "Starter Kits" for people. Our team has created 3 Kits  already, if you would like help. We have a "Relaxation Kit", a "Germ Buster Kit, and "Deluxe Kit". These are all fabulous Starter Kits created by our team for marketing to a new person. Email us if you would like those documents. The most important thing is to sell products you are comfortable with! It's not your knowledge that sells, it is your enthusiasm and it's your personal Oil Stories!
 5. The evening of your gathering. Be ready far in advance so that you are very relaxed when your guests usually sit in somewhat of a circle if possible. We begin by getting hot water in each of the pans and soaking their feet. You go around and give each person
 a squirt of Orange blossem facial wash to wash their feet. After they rinse them, you give each person a squirt of Mint Facial Scrub to exfoliate their feet. They let their feet sit on the towel for about 5minutes. Usually there is great laughter during this time, which really breaks the ice. You can rub the defoliator in yourself if you wish or they can pair off in twos. The key is to help them have a truly relaxing evening and to feel pampered. After the time is up, everyone rinses their feet and dries them. Then you carry around your Essential 7 Kit and let each person choose which oil they would like massaged into their feet. (Always caution people about Peppermint if they have high blood pressure.) You can also offer Valor. If it is really convenient, sometimes I show the Young Living Company Profile Video during this time. But this is NOT DONE IN A HURRY.
Here are the things I talk about during the course of the evening. Brief history of the oils, properties of the oils, rediscovery into modern society, grades of oils, Gary Young's story, how I became interested in oils, why I think the oils will prove to be most powerful natural health substance in this century, how they support every system of the body.    Always ask for questions. Use the Essential Oils Desk Reference when giving your response to specific health   concerns. Bring it back to a Body System that needs support...never a disease. Focus on the body's ability to heal itself with a strong Immune System.
After anointing each person's feet with their chosen oil, I go back and rub my favorite body lotion on each of them. Then, we take a refreshment break, where I serve Berry Young Juice in very small paper cups, pure water with choices of lemon, lime, or Citrus Fresh Oil, something salty, like pretzels, (but NEVER anything sweet.) The YL bars are fine because they are not too sweet. Sweets put the people to sleep!  You can also order and use the Essential Waters.
After all the questions have been answered, I make the sale! Don't close your meeting before you make the sale! My team member and I have clipboards with order forms, and we tell them about our "Offer of the Evening". We sell our Kits, and offer the Free Gifts for the sales. We sign them up as preferred customers unless they express a great interest in the business.

Then after the party, we send them a Welcome Packet if they placed an order and we do our best to "Out Love and Out Service" our competition!
Oil Parties are one of the easiest ways to sign up new customers! Why? Because once they smell the oils, and actually experience the oils on their feet, the oils penetrate to the cells of their body within 21 minutes and they actually feel better before they leave your home!
With Young Living's fabulous new Rising Star Bonus starting October 1st, you can ADD an additional income stream to your check next month.  Will you take advantage of  this opportunity?

Yours for greater health, longer life, and family financial freedom,

Jan Weger


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Last modified: 10/27/09